Capital Projects Procurement

The RSD Capital Projects open for construction are advertised on the  State of Louisiana Procurement and Contract Network (LaPAC), under the Louisiana Department of Education.

Construction Management at Risk (CMAR)

  • Career Technical Education (CTE) High School at Kerlerec CMAR
    • Construction Manager: Broadmoor, LLC
    • Contact:  John Manion, Director of Project Controls
    • ; 504.885.5400
  • Behrman Elementary School CMAR
    • Construction Manager: Landis Construction Co., LLC
    • Contact: Christian Generes, President
    •; 504.833.6070
  • New Cohen High School CMAR 

Plan Holders for Current Open Bids:

Project: Sarah T. Reed Modular Demolition [Bid Date 1/22/2020, 2pm]
Architect: Scairono Martinez Architect – Megan Tagesen Mouton, 504.896.2000

Plan Holder List Attached Here
Pre-Bid Meeting Agenda Attached Here
Pre-Bid Meeting Sign-In Sheet Attached Here



*DISCLAIMER: Summary Scope of Work is for INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. Bidders must review Bidding Documents for complete project specifications.